The Collections

This page lists, in summary form, the collections currently available online from The Ashburton Archive and others that will be added in the future.

St.Andrews Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions; Current Content:

(as at 16th August 2021)

1956 Section - All parts covering burials from 1956 - 2015.

1884 Section - All parts covering burials from 1884 - 2015.

'The Old Section' of the churchyard - sub-sections 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'DX', 'G', 'H', 'HX', 'J', 'K', 'W' & 'WX'. This covers burials from 1637 - 2020.

Note_1: The 1884 and 1956 Sections of the Churchyard are now complete on this website. No further changes are planned.

Note_2: The Old Section - although originally used for all burials in the churchyard until approx. 1884, this section now also includes many in-fill burials for the period (approx) 1950-2020.

Note_3: The recent photographic surveys undertaken by this project (between 2014 - 2020), of all the sections of the churchyard, have identified that many of the original survey grid references were either incorrectly assigned or the memorials have been relocated in the intervening period. Where appropriate, we have re-aligned the grid-references sequentially along the rows, allowing for blank plots, unmarked graves and/or in-fill burials.

Note_4: During the recent work on sub-sections 'H', 'J' & 'K', it has been identified that several monuments have been relocated to, from and within these sub-sections since 1982. Additionally, many new rows of cremation memorials have been added. Based on this significant level of change, we have decided to re-number the whole of sub-sections 'H', 'HX', 'J' & 'K'. This has been documented with new plans of the areas concerned, showing all the revised numbering of memorial locations. The original plans are also shown online for completeness.

We will update this list as new items are added to the online collection.

Further updates are planned for 2021, specifically for the Old Section of the churchyard.