Additions to the Archive

The following updates to the memorial inscriptions were incorporated in January 2020:

The Old Section of the churchyard - subsections 'B, DX & WX'.

The churchyard sections currently available on this website (as at 31st January 2020) are as follows:

The Old Section (sub-sections 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'DX', 'G','W', 'WX') - includes burials from 1637 - 2019.

1956 Section (full area) - includes burials from 1956 - 2015.

1884 Section (full area) - includes burials from 1884 - 2015.

Note: We have included records and photographs for more recent burials that have been identified during the 2014 - 2019 photographic surveys of the churchyard.

Digitisation of the final section the churchyard, the 'Old Churchyard', is now more than half way through and further sub-sections of this area will be added during 2020.

The images provided on this website comprise both scanned copies of the original survey records and also the more recent photographs (from 2014 - 2019). The scanned images are of the hand-drawn sketches and inscriptions, made during the 1973-1981 surveys. Colour photographs of the headstones are being added to these scanned images (as and when available), but are not replacing the scanned documents.

Note: Some of the colour photographic images show extended or slightly different inscriptions to those recorded in the 1973-1981 survey records, however the full details from both the old and current surveys are included on the website.